Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Staying on track

I'm plugging along pretty good with the clean eating.  I have to work a bit more in the kitchen than I'm used to but at the same time some accomplished feelings from my cooking creations.  I get to feeling pretty confident in my ways and then I have to venture outside of my happy little comfort zone which I call home.

This last weekend we had a family get together for my nieces birthday.  I knew there would be birthday cake which I was ready to bypass no problem.  I actually had a chocolate cake at home that was clean and amazing.  No cake- check.   Well they ordered in some pizza for our celebration dinner, however that was not what I went to town on.  My niece had made macaroni and cheese and home made garlic rolls!  I love garlic rolls and I ate about five of those garlic rolls and I'm not sure how much mac and cheese found it's way from the fork to my mouth.   I felt awful within 10 minutes of stuffing my face.  My stomach sounded like Mount St. Helens rumbling and the pain and bloating just kept growing to the point of I'm sure I could pass for an pregnant woman in her seventh month. Sounds funny but I am thankful that my body reacted the way that it did.  This was probably one of the clearest message ever sent to me by my body when I sabotage myself or go off track.

What really amazed me through this was how quick my body went back to wanting certain foods.  The mind quickly adapted to crap I had just fed myself and the next day was trying to tell me I needed some processed fast foods.  Yes the Granny B cookie was the first thing that started singing to me...gladly I recalled the awful tummy rumblings of the day before.

I cant always stay in that wonderful comfort zone of home and I do have to venture out into the real world.  Defiantly have to put together some plans on how to best prepare myself and handle these situations so that I am not making myself sick from eating.  A friend of mine, who has some of the best clean eating recipes that I have been trying, had written in her blog how she prepares for these kind of events by making sure that she eats before attending that way knowing she is not going to be around a lot of clean eating choices that her body has been fueled and not so tempted to partake.    Yes I read this wonderful tip after the weekend festivities. 

I have started back to the gym this week and have had two great days on the treadmill and the elliptical.  It's not a habit yet and still just a decision.  I am looking forward to the day when I don't fight myself so hard on getting some exercise.  If I'm going to be a svelte 50 year old I had best make this a habit.  Tomorrow I add in some weights...eeek.

Remember to look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive about yourself today...just go do it. 

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