Monday, March 31, 2014


I fell off the radar for a bit.  Recovering from the lack of thyroid medicine was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be to be perfectly honest with you.  It didn't just effect my energy level but my emotional state was messed with big time.  The human body never ceases to amaze me, it's such a fined tuned operation that with one component missing it sure puts the rest in pure havoc. 

There was a haze that took forever to clear, unable to think straight, slow at processing things going on around me, exhaustion and just physical pain.  Depression grabbed hold pretty quick and has been difficult to keep fully at bay. I can go on and on about the how depression changes your life and everyday living, but I refrain.  I never thought as the forever optimist and seemingly happy go lucky girl that it would be something I would have to deal with.  Chronic pain has been a long term issue for me and to slide backwards in the pain department is what was so hard for me to deal with emotionally.  Chronic pain takes such a huge toll on people myself included.   I choose to treat it naturally instead with narcotics and this why my journey is so important to me.  I want to be functional and not drugged out.  I use a number of doTerra oils and supplements to help me balance my systems and I'm grateful for having those.  Exercise at first increases some of the joint pain, but relief does come.  Stretching and some beginning yoga has really helped with some movement issues and I have missed that very much. 

I am back in balance and heading forward again.   I am happy to say that my eating choices not always right on track have even through all of this stayed pretty good.  I did consume some Mrs B cookies...those are just to good!!  Exercise was a no go during all of this and I am honestly looking forward to getting back on the treadmill and working through that stiffness again. 

A journey is never really a straight line rather a series of curves, bumps and hills.  Hang on this curvy girl is moving forward again.

Remember to look in the mirror today and tell yourself something positive about yourself....just go do it.

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