Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I wrote the best blog post in my head today while on the treadmill.  Now only if I can remember it...I'm sure it would be really interesting or comical to see all the thoughts that ramble through my head during a workout.   I bargain with myself, encourage, dread all in one 60 minute period of sweating. 

I usually use the  treadmills above the pool area.  It's great people watching and has made me quite curious about some of these peoples stories.  There is a couple that I see most of the time when I am there.  They are so loving and you can tell supportive of each other, they swim and sometimes you see them clap for each other after some laps.  I imagine there are some personal goals they are meeting and overcoming some definite health issues.  You can tell when they walk that there is pain in every step.  I encourage them from my treadmill.  They are no different than me, wanting a better quality of life and taking those painful steps to get there.  The beautiful young girl I watched "ice dancing" in pool.  She would spin and jump and put her hands above her head like a beautiful and poised dancer, I envied her self abandonment in the moment.   I watched as some other kids walked by and giggled at her, not seeing the beauty in her dance and imagination.  When it was time to leave I watched her go with the loving supportive couple who could barely walk due to their size.  That is a pretty powerful motivator, not because they were big in size but big in their stature.  Taking those painful steps to reach a better less painful life with their beautiful daughter.  This family to me is a beautiful inspiring story.

 I read a post on fb last week where a friend didn't like going out to run, she were embarrassed about being out there and not looking like the part that should be running. How many times has this stopped me in the past, alot.   I'm proud to say this did not stop her and she went out anyway, I have always admired the strength and strong faith of this lady and I probably should tell her that.  She is inspiring to me.  Self image can be so detrimental to our journey of getting healthier.  Whether we fit in or look the part shouldn't be an issue in anyone getting healthier or staying healthy you cannot see someones story just by looking at them, if you think you can stop it. (unless it's a good one like above)

My story is that I deal with depression and food addiction.  I am taking charge of my food addiction, learning to eat better and exercise which will help with the depression.   My story is not always a happy one, but a very real one.  Just like the couple at the pool I am taking painful steps to become a better me.

The real part:  Weekend road trip without a plan.  Oops.  Jack in the box, Denny's, greasy bar burger, key lime Granny B's cookie oh and a cheese danish = 3.5 pounds gained.  Eeeekk...wrong direction.  Putting food into my mouth without a thought or a care really could have been avoided if I would have stopped and thought about it.  I have gotten really good at thinking about what is going in when i am in my home environment but not so well outside of it.  Something I am defiantly going to have to really make sure I am aware of.  The good that came of the road trip, besides and amazing time, I looked at it and realized it's something I have to work on.  I did not allow it to stop me from going forward this time!  I'm so proud of myself for that, huge!  Workouts are progressing and I am about to add the weight training to my routine.

Remember to look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive about yourself.  Go, do it now.


  1. Thanks love, not always an easy task for me, but I am working on it.