Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Accountability it's even discussed in the Bible.  It's really a big scary word if you over analyze it.  Who are we accountable to?  What are we accountable for?  Why does accountability really matter?

I am learning that this word is a huge factor in my success in getting healthy.  Holding myself accountable for what goes into my mouth, my actions and my choices in everything.  In the past I have always bargained with myself.  If I eat this pizza I will walk the dog later, or I will get to the gym to make up for this.  The bargain also included since your eating pizza you might as well have some ice cream for dessert, because I am planning on going to the gym.  Next step,  I don't really want to go to the gym so picking up my house and vacuuming will be like a workout...the bargaining goes on and on.  I had no accountability to myself, no paying attention to anything other than that immediate satisfaction of what I wanted.  My lack of accountability has snowballed me to where I am now.  I think lack of accountability/responsibility also leads you to sabotage yourself.  Easier to put it on everything and every where else than where it belongs. 

No more bargaining allowed.  I am learning to step back and think about why I'm standing in front of the refrigerator not acting immediately on the whim of what I think I want to eat.  I have rescheduled with the trainer and will not waste his time or mine.   I am learning that healthy does not mean deprived.

I am accountable to God, myself, my family in all my choices and yes accountability matters without it I would weigh a ton.  

Happy notes:  Down 3.5 pounds, enjoying juicing (at least once a day) and getting better at racquetball.

Remember to tell yourself something positive about yourself today.

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