Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Patience with weight loss is something I am still learning.  I have always done the quick fix with no long term success.   A few months back I was told by my doctor that if I kept up at this rate my pancreas would burn out and I would be a full fledged diabetic.  EEeeekkkk... not acceptable!  I did everything she told me to do no bread, potatoes, rice, cereal, oatmeal lots of fruits and veggies.  I dropped 20 pounds pretty quickly and actually felt better.  Well, the weight lost is almost all back on.  The only goal I had set for myself was to get my insulin levels back to normal.  I did what?

In the past I would set a goal for myself go hard and smash through it.  I would not even acknowledge the steps that I took to reach whatever goal was set.  It has really been all or nothing (not a great option), that pattern was really setting me up for failure.  Losing weight I would meet my goal but never change the cycle in which I got there.  All or nothing, I either did it or I didn't.

Getting to a goal takes commitment, choices, fear, and change.  Just racing for that goal and hitting it without any acknowledgement of steps taken forward and backward is just a set up to repeat the vicious cycle.  Taking a step forward needs to be celebrated and high fives, taking a step backwards needs to be acknowledged and learned from so that you do not repeat it. 

I met with the trainer today and we set some first goals before we start the workouts next week.  Something that is difficult for me, portion sizes.  I suck at guessing serving sizes, my steps to this first goal is to  measure out my portions.  If I'm eating out get a to go box before I even take a bite and put half of my meal in the to go container.  Genius!! Eating breakfast within a half hour of waking up...oh this is soooo hard for me.  I will be aware of both and take those first steps to reach my life long goal of health.

Acknowledge your baby steps because they are victories.  We get stronger with each victory, with strength the backward steps aren't so big.

Remember to tell yourself something positive about yourself today.

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