Thursday, January 23, 2014

Body Image

Every time I walked by the mirror today I was shocked at that woman that was there!  Holy molly when did that happen.  The number on the scale doesn't always portray what we think we look like in our brain.  I know I'm overweight, however I do not see myself as big as I am, so when I do see myself in a picture or in the mirror I am a bit shocked.  Which usually triggers either an oh my God attack of either food or a sudden need to plank.  If you can plank you have ab muscles, if you have ab muscles it cant be so bad, right.

The other end of the spectrum when I picture my future self in a skinner frame somehow my legs seem to get about six inches longer.  I'm not sure how that happens, but I like it.  I could wear all the thigh high boots and they would go where they belong instead in my crotch.  I seem to see myself with wind blowing my hair away from my face and that perfect Victoria Secret model walk happening.  Hmmm....sorry was enjoying the picture of my modelesc self.

So how do we find that right body image for us to hold onto, that mental image for us to shoot for?  Why do we have to have an image, most of them that we project for ourselves are not realistic.  There is a video floating around out there that Dove sponsored.  They had an artist listen to these women describe themselves and the artist drew them, then the artist had someone else describe them and drew them...the difference in the pictures were huge.  We all have are own distorted images that we need to throw out the window.

The body image we usually have to look at when we are older are our parents.  My father is a great specimen of health for an 87 year old man.  He rides his bike daily watches his diet and plays golf regularly.  My mother struggled with her weight all her life and did not take care of herself.  I now watch my 78 year old mother struggle with standing up right, kidney disease, diabetes.  It makes me angry that my mother did not stop and take the time to take care of herself, to get fit and eat right.  The awful truth about this is I am my mother.  I now sit in a position to take charge and make some changes or end up with this same path that my mother now is on and hates it.
I have to picture a goal to work for.  Here is my picture:

I wake up in the morning refreshed and recharged.  My body doesn't have struggles getting out of bed, when I stand my feet do not hurt from having the extra weight on them.  I can bend over to tie my shoes without having to hold my breath and grunt.  My muscles are lean and strong, my eyes will be bright and alert to all of the beauty around me, my skin will glow from my body not being toxic.  I will be able to run along with my great nieces and nephews and someday my grand children. 

Remember to surround yourself with positive words from yourself.  No matter what it takes, stand in front of the mirror today and say something positive to yourself.


  1. I am VERY proud of you and THANK YOU for sharing!!! I NEED to start my journey as well and you are my INSPIRATION!!

    1. Teresa you are to kind. Thank you. It's a new journey for me, for the first time it's really about my health...ok the longer legs thing I wish would really happen.

  2. I Loved this post Karren! " surround yourself with positive words for yourself today! " I am going to! I'm going to start blogging again! Thank you for inspiring me! I am so happy to be on this journey with you!