Friday, January 24, 2014

Big Scary Step

Motivation, choices, body image...yep I have managed to talk about all three, but what is all of this coming to.  Me just typing about all the things that I need to change and do without taking any action.  Nope I cant do that, for the first time I really need to commit to this.

My God given gift is the power of encouragement.  I can and will whole heartedly cheer you on in anyway that you need.  I will even sew you a cape if that's what it takes for you be fulfilled, successful, and happy.  I feel pure joy when I am able to truly encourage someone.  I would go to the end of the earth to make sure you know that you are capable, gifted and loved.  It's a God given gift that for some reason I do not lavish on myself.  I do everything possible to discourage myself...ugh, this needs to stop!

Today I took a BIG scary step and reached out to a trainer for help.  It is only a 15 day challenge, but this is huge for me!  I have serious commitment issues!  Asking someone for help means I have to show up, it means i cant quit, it means not canceling because I didn't get enough sleep.  It means I cant bail!  It means I have to try... It means that I could succeed.  This is really, really scary for me.

I am realizing that my go with the flow attitude is not always conducive to a plan, and many parts of life need plans.  I have a tendancy to view plans as restrictive not a a roadway to use for achieving success.  This is a lesson that I am learning from a online Bible study that I am participating in and the book we are using is "Made to Crave Satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food by Lysa Terkeurst.   I highly recommend this book whether you decide to do this as a bible study or just read it.  

I do want you to know while taking the big scary step I was driving to Five Guys to meet a friend for lunch while I was talking to the trainer!  Getting ready to kiss Five Guys goodbye until I learn some new eating habits.

Tomorrow at 10 a.m.  I have a meeting with Justin at FIT  LLC to learn about nutrition and to set up our times together.  I'm really scared about this a little excited and a little depressed.  If I would have thought this all the way through I would have set this up so I could enjoy a bunch of really bad food all weekend.  I like to think that this means I will succeed in this journey because the food was not the first thought this time.

Remember to tell yourself something positive about yourself today.


  1. Wow Karren, a trainer! Way to go sweetie! I know you are going to accomplish amazing things!

  2. Accountability with a trainer... GOOD STUFF! Its all one step at a time and you are taking big steps! Just know this, even baby steps, putting one foot in front of the other will get you there! One good decision at a time...Compounded over time= Tremendous results! That Includes telling yourself something positive about yourself today! Repeat tomorrow!
    You Go Karren! So happy for you! Even if it is scary! It gets better! the first steps are sometimes the hardest!

  3. I love this lady! Keep up the great work! Don't stop! Make yourself a priority! XOXOXO