Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Motivation gone wrong

So to motivate myself for the new year of exercise (seems to be a yearly pattern) I decided to buy some amazing running pants
These running pants were really motivating to me, lets face it they would look like muscle jiggling on the treadmill not the cake and ice cream that I had.  Well the amazing running pants arrived in the mail and it was with great excitement that I ripped the package open and ran to the bedroom to try my amazing pants on.   Well they are really cool, stretchy and really, really tight...yep that XL I ordered needs another X...sigh. 
You would have thought that would have sent me running to the gym (lets be real about this, driving).  Nope so here I sit snuggled under a blanket with my two dogs, one which could really use the same treadmill I need, watching season 7 of Dexter.  Do I feel defeated, no, but typing this makes me realize that some serious habits of mine need to be broken....so begins the journey of this curvy girl. 

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