Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Everyday I  make a choice, it may take me a while to come to that choice, but I make it.  I choose to be grateful.  Some days it may be the smallest thing that I cling to, but it's a choice that keeps me waking up and taking on the day.

My battle with weight has been life long.  It was a taught battle, and unfortunately a battle that I have passed on to my children as well.   Food should be fuel for our bodies and nothing more, however for me it is more of a best friend.  Sounds silly I know, but stop and think about it.  We go to dinner to celebrate, a sweet treat for a job well done.  A chocolate shake to make the day better, a spoonful of peanut butter to help you think (the one thing I would take to an island).  When I quit smoking I grieved the loss of my constant companion as if it had died.  That was huge and helped me say goodbye to a really bad habit.  How do I say goodbye to food... I have to have it to stay alive!  I have to make a choice to change my food habits....
Today really was a struggle day until I got this awesome message from a friend on fb.  She wanted to tell me she liked my great attitude and that I was always smiling.  Wow, that could have not come at a better time for me and I thanked her gratefully for sending me that message with a cute smiley face.  She was almost shocked when I was honest with her and told her that I struggle with depression daily and that I make a choice daily.  I guess this is something that I really don't put out there.

I know what I have to do to be successful.  Pick the right foods, surround myself with positive.  Find encouragement..pulled into Pie Hole, bad decision.  Didn't go in, good decision.  Driving by Chic Fillet ...SQUIRREL ...chicken, lots of protein, saving a cow, veggies on the spicy chicken sandwich.  Lemonade, it's not soda.  Yep before I knew it consuming the best fast food ever!  This is one of those decisions that I should not have made, but I was saving a cow!

I made good food decisions today and some bad food decisions today ( saved a cow) but more good than bad.  I saw a sign today that said   "Lets resolve to make better bad decisions this year."  That works for me, taking this one decision at a time. 

So keeping it real update...I came home from playing/learning racquetball with my husband this evening and was not feeling all to well after the indulgence from my fast food craving.  Made triple choc cake and ate the batter.  Yep..I need to get rid of that theory that just because I messed up once means I can throw away the whole day.   I need to follow the advice of the Bible study that I am doing...Permissible But Not Beneficial ~ Just because something is permissible doesn’t mean it is beneficial to us. 


  1. I do that too, one bad choice ruins the whole day! OR shall I say gives me an excuse to throw in the towel for the day. Keep steady Ms. K